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Shopoji - Pusher Presence Channels are cool

The original vision for this app was a single player shop game that was minorly affected by other people playing in their own game. Pusher public channels seemed to fit this use case nicely.

Though any time I wanted to do something cooler, it was locked behind Pusher presence channels.

So... I guess I'm rewriting my app logic.

If I can't get it to work, I'll submit what I have. It has solid MVP (minimum viable product) features enabled, an information site, and a playable demo (that right now is pointed to a broken dev branch so no touchy pls), but there's so much more that would just be better intuitively with Presence channels.

  1. I could do client triggers
  2. I could give a little more context to my triggered messages regarding who all is triggering them
  3. Most importantly, I can fix a pretty large logic bug in my global market by knowing how many shops are in the market at any given time

What's New


Screenshot demo

You can buy more inventory. You can sell your inventory. You can make money. The UI is now Bootstrap so it isn't too terrible.

What's Left

Once I rewrite stuff to be more presence-y, I'm calling it for the competition. There's more on the to-do list, but I'll be at the point of diminishing returns.

Though seriously, if I can't get auth working for presence channels within like an hour tomorrow I'm calling it done for now 😛 Scope creeeeeeeeeeeep.

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