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ItsASine (Kayla)
ItsASine (Kayla)

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Shopoji - Initial Front End with working effects!

What's New

Initial screen when you join Shopoji
Can you tell I'm not in UX?

Nothing special at the moment, but the front end isn't just a white page with some console logs.

But! When a new player joins the market, this happens:

A new shop has entered the market notification

There is a little banner saying a new shop has entered the market, and subtely 10 new 🍏 have entered the market. If another shop joins, 10 more 🍏 are added, and so on and so on.

What's Done

  • I'm not touching AWS anymore (because it's done for what I need)
  • I have a grip on how Pusher works. It's pretty straight forward. Fire off event to channel. People in channel get event's stuff. Boom, done.
  • Started the idea of there being a master table for the current state of the market (pretend you read about it in the Emoji Economy section of the newspaper each morning)
  • I have an idea for where I want to go with this "MVP"
  • I also know where I want to expand on this later. Presence channels would make this pretty cool with where I'm going with it, but I don't think a minimum viable demo needs that right now. And I like the idea of it being a truly free market, rather than locked behind an auth page 😛

What's Next

  1. Make the messages area a bit more useful, so that more events can be added later
  2. Add the concept of selling 🍏s, to remove them from the market
  3. Have things not sell if price is too high or low (the apples must be rotten if you're undercutting the market that much!)

What's Left

  • Flesh out the Global Market section to have more emojis, more types of emojis, not look like junk, etc
  • Add selling emojis to customers (NPCs) and setting prices for your emojis
  • Time permitting, add preferences for selling things. A knight might pay more for a 🗡️ but won't be apt to pay all that much extra for a 🎈

Also, there's a pretty massive oversight with how this is architectured right now. I'm totally going to make it a "feature" not a bug 🐛 Following along with the "What's New" section might help show it 😇

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