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Rakesh Potnuru
Rakesh Potnuru

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Join me in the #100DaysOfWeb3 challenge

Alexander Kallaway created the #100DaysOfCode challenge to encourage people to learn to code on a regular basis. As part of the challenge, you must devote one hour per day to learning to code and share your progress on Twitter. This challenge was a huge success. More information about this challenge can be found here.
It doesn't stop there; people gradually began to create their own challenges, such as #100DaysOfUIUX, #100DaysOfPython, #100DaysOfCSS, and many others. #100DaysOfWeb3 is one of those challenges.

Join me in the challenge

I'm going to approach this challenge a little differently. Rather than sharing my daily progress, I will share the topics I learn in the form of tweets or threads on a daily basis. So please follow me on Twitter - @rakesh_at_tweet. I'm publicly committing to this challenge for the next 100 days (which may or may not be consecutive) and will make sure you learn something new every day.

The Plan

If you also want to do this along with me here's my small research work.


  • Basic Frontend knowledge - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (React will be helpful)
Days Topic
Day 1 - 14 (2 weeks) Blockchain basics
Day 15 - 34 (19 days) Solidity
Day 35 - 44 (9 days) Hardhat
Day 45 - 49 (4 days) Web3.js
Day 50 - 54 (4 days) IFPS / Filecoin
Day 55 - Day 100 Not planned yet

Join communities

Communities are great places to learn and build together. Some of the web3 communities I know.

Let's get started 💫

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