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Pokemon API and React

Hi all.

I have a couple of questions.
I have Pokemon guessing game and pokedex. I can play it on localhost and I want to make some changes, for which I need your help.

1.) I want to have option to answer question in first capital letter if I want, now only time when I write answer in lowercase, it's correct, but I want it no matter what type of letter I wrote.
2.) Count of correct answer doesn't work. I get JS response that answer is correct but counter is still on 0.
3.) When counter is right, I want progress bar for answers, number of x/151 and percentage
4.) Also I have pokedex, and I want only to see Pokemon that I guess in guessing game.

Can someone please help me with that issues? What data do you need? Link to git repo or specific file?

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Omkar76 • Edited

Before I try to answer let me introduce myself.

I'm not a JS expert.
I haven't touched react 😬.
I still love JS.
This is my first comment.

well, let me try.

  1. So you want case insensitive comparison of strings.
let pokemon = "pikachu";
let guess = prompt("What do you think it's? ");

if(guess.trim().toLowerCase() ===pokemon) {
  alert("That was correct!");
  alert("You need to do more  research");

first trim the string. Trim method removes leading and trailing white spaces from string.

convert user input to lowercase and then do comparison.

This is what I did in my code coach project on sololearn

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Omkar76 • Edited
  1. Hard to say anything without reading you code ☺
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Ivan Radunković

Hi Omakar76, many thanks for your help.

This is my git repo with this issues