Discussion on: HTML, CSS & JS are not enough (esp if you plan to be a independent dev)

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Ivan P

I am not saying Windows is completely out of the picture, just mentioned what I have experienced and telling what most people use.

I am completely sure that "popular" is not equal to "better" or even to "the best".
For example, the most popular smartphones cost around 200USD. Some models can not provide 30fps even on the home screen. How that can be good/better?

I cannot get: How an operating system on a developing machine is related to an operating system on the "server"... It lives in two different planet/galaxy/worlds.

And what I can not understand more is hate for Windows... If this OS disappears in one day, the world will "crash" after a month. Why? Because 99% of CAD-software exists only for Windows.

PS: Except for Heroku, Zeit, Digital Ocean there is a good choice for a non-backend or non-DevOps person - Jelastic. I do not how it is good "inside", but it is definitely the simplest and the fastest way to run the web-server.