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re: ReasonML is a functional, eager, impure, safely typed language which bridges OCaml and JavaScript. It is a general-purpose language which can compi...

Great answer! I've been playing with ReasonML on weekends and it's been fun, though its still really young and rather difficult to find resources to learn from. I'm curious how your experience has been with it?


Thanks! However, I've been focusing mainly on Haskell for myself, so I cannot really go any deeper regarding ReasonML at the moment. Like I said, I'm bullish on it, but given my own (still learning, but nonzero) knowledge of pure FP, I probably would sooner focus on Elm and/or PureScript over ReasonML for my own front-end projects at this point, and Haskell for anything else. That may seem a little hypocritical, but one of the primary reasons I cited for my optimism re: ReasonML is the relatively low barrier to entry for people not already used to ML/Miranda-influenced syntax. Since I don't fall into that demographic anymore, my answer is admittedly a bit extrapolative / prescriptive. And in any case I'm not actively learning any of the above except Haskell as I said. Sorry I don't have much more insight to offer! I'm excited to see where the language goes though, and intend to eventually learn a lot more about it. :-)

EDIT: PS, I did find to be a nice beginner course, for anyone who stumbles across this. Just a starter, nothing thorough, but helpful nonetheless.

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