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Shreyansh Panchal
Shreyansh Panchal

Posted on

Regex Cheat Sheet

Found this really useful regex cheatsheet.
Checkout their full cheatsheet at Rexegg Cheatsheet

Character Legend Example Sample Match
\t Tab T\t\w{2} T     ab
\r Carriage return character see below
\n Line feed character see below
\r\n Line separator on Windows AB\r\nCD AB
\N Perl, PCRE (C, PHP, R…): one character that is not a line break \N+ ABC
\h Perl, PCRE (C, PHP, R…), Java: one horizontal whitespace character: tab or Unicode space separator
\H One character that is not a horizontal whitespace
\v .NET, JavaScript, Python, Ruby: vertical tab
\v Perl, PCRE (C, PHP, R…), Java: one vertical whitespace character: line feed, carriage return, vertical tab, form feed, paragraph or line separator
\V Perl, PCRE (C, PHP, R…), Java: any character that is not a vertical whitespace
\R Perl, PCRE (C, PHP, R…), Java: one line break (carriage return + line feed pair, and all the characters matched by \v)

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