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Top Programming Blogs to Improve Your Skills

It’s important to follow trends in your field to ensure you’re staying current on standards and protocols and perhaps more so in the field of coding.

Programmers of all specialties can benefit from following industry-leading blogs to stay aware of the latest technologies.
If you’re a coder of any sort you’ll want to subscribe to these useful programming blogs written by the top blogging coders.

Each of these bloggers has made a name for themselves in the programming community by sharing relevant, high-quality information and tips for coders. They maintain their respective blogs well and keep current information posted on a regular basis.

By following the best programming blogs you’ll find tips and shortcuts you may never have otherwise thought to try. Consider using an RSS feed reader through your phone or desktop browser to automatically download each new post from these top coding bloggers.
Coding Horror was started in 2004 by Jeff Atwood, an experienced software engineer from Berkeley, CA. Jeff’s experience, as well as his awareness of the human side of technology, makes his website one of the best programming blogs for anyone interested in web development, software engineering and computers in general.

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