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Supply Crate (My Most Meaningful Project)

I saw three problems related to COVID-19 donations:

  1. People don't know how to donate
  2. People don't know how many donations institutions need or have received
  3. People don't have a way to track their donations

As such, I created Supply Crate (, a website that tackles these three issues using an automated database of institutions and a QR-code tracking system.

So far, the site has facilitated over 350K medical supplies and my efforts on Supply Crate have been featured on Fox 11 (, ABC 7 (, KTLA News (, and the national television special, Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020.

If you are an institution in need of a donation, you can fill out the google forms on the website to request for PPE.

If you are a donor willing to make a donation, you can visit the donor page and view different institutions on a list or a map (with sorting enabled by state and county). Select an institution you want to donate to and after filling out your donation information for an institution, the site helps you generate a QR-code label for your selected institution. Whenever the institution receives your donation, they will scan the QR-code and the site will automatically alert (via email) you when your donation arrives.

Tech Stack:
Twilio Sendgrid

In sum, this project was an very enriching experience that helped me understand the power of CS to help combat global issues.

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