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Hi everyone! My name is Jack Maginnes. I am currently the CTO of a startup called the Savvy Dating Game. I just wrote my first post on it if you want to check it out!

I am a huge back-end nerd. I love microservices and setting up cloud architecture. Currently I am working to write a GoLang microservice that will be integrated with my application.

Outside of coding I love music and extreme sports. I play guitar and drums. And when I can get away from the computer for a weekend, I love to go snowboarding and surfing

I joined DEV because I have learned so much while starting a company. I jumped into a project that was wayyy over my head and just kinda picked stuff up along the way. This is my outlet to hopefully share some of that insight for others who are in a similar position.

In addition, I love to stay up to date on new trends, technologies, and best practices. This seems like a great way to meet peers and discuss those topics!

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