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Discussion on: Why is Linux Not More Popular on the Desktop?

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Jacob Herrington (he/him)

Do you think a grassroots project could compete with OS X and Windows?

I'd love to see it done, but I think it would need strong sponsorship from at least one major player in the software industry.

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Ben Halpern

Could, yes. It's not the most outrageous idea.

Tough barriers. Maybe not totally grassroots, but a startup. What if it were a startup that built open source software and served a global community of developers, a DEV Community you might say. 😅

I'm just kidding—sort of. It's a project I'd love to be a part of if the stars lined up in any way.

There are some technically cool new OS projects like Redox. Oddly I don't have a lot of expectations that it will succeed greatly, but I'd also get pretty excited about the prospect of personally being involved in making that happen.