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10 common mistakes that beginner programmers make.

1- Start with fear.

The first and worst mistake that novice programmers make is that they go for programming with fear and chills and hit their first code with skepticism.

For some people who have just started programming, there may be a lot of questions and mental conflicts.

Am I as smart enough?
Am I the right person for programming?
Can I make money from money?

We believe anyone can learn programming. Provided that it starts with confidence and sticks rigidly to the job.

2- They only rely on study and education.

Programming is different from disciplines such as literature, philosophy and logic, psychology, geography and other humanities.

Some disciplines only require theoretical study, and someone who wants to succeed in these trends should have a lot of study, but programming is a technical job.

Just as a mathematician can't solve a variety of problems just by reading formulas, the programmer can't just become an experienced programmer by studying and seeing other people's code.

So at the start, you have to learn that a large part of your skills come from real projects while working and while working.

3- Re-build the wheel.

Currently, there are different libraries and frameworks for programming languages.

Although it is not recommended to go directly to frame words or libraries at the beginning, using some tools can help a lot.

For example, when you start web programming and are learning html and css, you can go to frame words like Bootstrap to build different parts of your site.

This way you can implement your menu, buttons, lists, logo and other elements of your web page without much hassle.

4- They care too much about the details.

Paying attention to detail and caring about all the big points of the project is a good ethic, but not at the beginning, no one at the beginning expects you to design an incredibly stable service without bugs alone.

Even great programmers have difficulty in the project's peddies.

If some details don't work properly when learning and the Nubian program, try to get past them and go back to them later.

Stuck in the details of the project and forgetting the main goal can work early, discourage you and keep you from continuing the way.

5- They think they have found the best programming language in the world.

Usually, those who start programming recently regularly ask themselves and others which programming language is best and which language to learn.

This question has problems from the root, and you need to get it out of your head first.

If you take a look at old and experienced programmers, you'll see that they don't talk heat anymore.

In fact, these programmers have reached the necessary cooking and know very well that any language can be great, if used properly.

So at the start, trust the language you've chosen and let the work go a little further.

6- They code a line or two a day.

Suppose the greatest writers in the world wrote two two clauses a day or so. Then be sure that there was no more "Battle of Wasulah" or "Blind Buff".

In programming, the situation is exactly the same.

If you have decided to be a programmer, you must also accept the difficulties and practices of the first job.

You have to spend a lot of time practicing and coding every day.

No Nosi program has become an expert code line one day.

Many old and experienced programmers are programming at home even after their working hours are finished in a company that is busy.

So you have to practice a lot at the start.

7- Do not choose good names for variables, classes and functions.

You may have laughed in the name of the long classes and functions that exist in the Java language.

However, writing descriptive and long variables contributes greatly to the readableness of the program.

Using similar names can confuse you during the project.

Don't forget that your app may be available to other people later, so get used to documenting and writing variables correctly.

Do not use english and Persian composition in any way.

Over time and by practicing, you can also achieve the best structure for coding by realizing your own tastes.

8- Or they don't use comments, or they use it too much.

Any programming language allows you to comment on parts of your code.

These comments are ignored and not executed by a compiler or interpreter.

They only show the function of that part of the code, or they're a note from the developer.

Using comments correctly can make your code so readable that you'll find out how good the legi reader code is later in teamwork.

But some programmers don't use this powerful tool at all at first.

Some programmers also fall from the other part of the canvas and bombard their code with comments that read it.

9. They do not understand the true power of their language.

This problem is not just about beginner programmers, and even sometimes experienced programmers forget the power of their programming language.

Of course, beginner programmers should not be blamed too much for this. Because to understand the magnitude and magnitude of the programming language they work with, it requires a few years of experience and time.

For example, languages like JavaScript are extremely flexible and in different sections such as site design, game making, mobile application construction, etc. Is used.

10. They do not back up their work.

I must have said, "I've spent a few hours doing this, but all my files have been destroyed" can destroy a programmer's day although it's total.

Fortunately, today there are a variety of tools with which you can save your files somewhere other than your computer.

In this case, if your computer is damaged, there is still no danger to your code.

The Data Control Version system, such as GitLab, helps software developers to get a history of code they have already written, in addition to participating in software projects.

Of course, programming is not a night job.

One cannot go through the 100-year-old overnight and expect to get to a job like programming without trying.

Now that you have chosen programming as your profession, it is better to know some of the common mistakes of beginners first so that you don't get caught up in these mistakes.

If you feel that another item should have been added to this list, share it with us in the comments section.

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