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I would love some real-world use cases for Rest as well. I rarely use it but I feel like thats because I lack enough understanding. Same goes with Switch though, I need to just use them more lol


Noted! Maybe I'll get to those in the future.


Awesome! Thank you for listening to my suggestion!


I find rest parameters super useful for writing wrapper functions. For a super simple example, I often like to define small logger functions as wrappers around console.log() that always add certain context, such as a label that tells me where the log was issued:

const log = (...args) => console.log('MyFile.js ::', ...args)

// ... later
const payload = {
  name: 'Ken',
  job: 'Web dev'
log('Sending:', payload)
// => MyFile.js :: Sending: { "name": "Ken", "job": "Web dev" }

This is a pretty trivial example, but I've used it for much more complicated cases where I basically always use the same default arguments for calls to library functions with lots of arguments, and I want a wrapper that supplies all but the last couple arguments for me. I'll write a wrapper that gathers arguments into a rest array, then spreads them into the end of my call to the library function, like I did with console.log above


This is super awesome. I can see the value already! Thank you so much! 😁

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