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Discussion on: From Flight Attendant to Software Developer

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Jaden Goodwin • Edited

Great article! I am sure dev mountain will reach out to get that story! It was great being a part of your dev mountain experience! I have had a great story myself! I got a job at Sharendipity, an app on the app store to share your things. I then moved over to last october and was in charge of creating landing pages and ads for most of the things you see go live on the site. I am now at a great company called Blip that is a small startup that is getting huge doing electronic billboard advertising. I am excited to set my roots here for a while!
HAHA i laughed out loud at the 'mechanincal keyboards are the best' part! I myself bought a cheap mechanical keyboard from Velocifire made for mac computers
Its a great first keyboard, and you can buy $10 keycaps from ebay to customize it ;) Also it has cherry brown switches which are the best keyswitch!

Anyway congrats on the successes you have had and continue to have! Coding is a continually growing field and its amazing how fast you can excel! I couldn't be where i am today in a different field with 3 years of experience!


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Kapehe Author

Jaden! We really had a great time at DevMountain. Our cohort was amazing! I have enjoyed watching your journey as well (as best as I can from LinkedIn, lol!). I love seeing all of us succeed!

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