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Open Hybrid Cloud Management - Automate your Cloud

Today, it is common to find users running cloud workloads on AWS, Azure, or services like DigitalOcean.

But the most efficient approach of consuming Cloud Resources is generally through Bare-Metal / Dedicated Servers, this is because you are dedicated a complete Physical Machine for your workloads - which can be extremely dense and handle large amounts of workloads spread across Virtual Machines and Containers.

Having a Cloud Management platform that allows you to import workloads from existing Clouds, and then move them across different infrastructure without interruptions in an automated matter can be extremely helpful.

Another use-case is the automation of application orchestration, & the ability to automate repetitive tasks such as Application Deployments, Scaling, Backups, and more.

VirtEngine allows you to manage your existing Cloud Workloads based on popular Infrastructure Providers, and Open Source Tools.

VirtEngine currently integrates with OpenStack, and OpenNebula - but future integrations to ProxMox, and, and Kubernetes are on their way.

VirtEngine also works with tools like SLURM, for batch-processing.

VirtEngine also integrates with public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean and an Open Public Cloud Marketplace that is coming soon.

So what exactly does VirtEngine do?

  • Organization Management
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Consumption Analytics & Metrics
  • Event Logs & Audit Logs
  • Access to Infrastructure (Compute & Storage) based on various integrations.
  • Billing Management (Under our Licensed Products)

Virtual Private Cloud Management:

VirtEngine Virtual Private Clouds

Application Orchestration:

VirtEngine Application Orchestration

Admin User Interface:

VirtEngine Admin

If you are interested in deploying VirtEngine-Waldur, please check the following documentation:

VirtEngine Waldur Documentation

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angrytony profile image
HoHo Kim • Edited

wow, It's amazing..
I am just wondering that when does Virtengine integrate with K8s and ??
Could you give me more information on future integrations??

jaeko44 profile image
Jonathan Philipos

Hey Kim,

We are working on the new integrations which will include K8, we are evaluating as a possible integration as well for automating bare-metal, Thanks for your interest :)