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The .new domain was first noticed when google allowed people to quickly open a new doc by typing doc.new after which they started the process of opening its .new-powered shortcuts to other companies.

You must have heard about these two cool URLs, repo.new, and gist.new to quickly create a new GitHub repository and GitHub gist. It's a cool little trick to do in front of your friend and even helpful if you are the kind of person who creates repositories and gists left and right every day but it turns out that there a lot more of these which might actually be helpful at times and I have created a list of them

Hopefully, more of these will popup and I will try my best to keep this up to date :)

PS: Found some more even before putting this blog up, wow :p

  • playlist.new: Create a new Spotify playlist
  • canva.new: Create a new Canva design

  • word.new: Open Online Microsoft office

  • webex.new: Create a new Personal Meeting room

  • api.new: Prototype your ideas for new Node.js API endpoints with RunKit

  • coda.new: Create a doc that combines documents and spreadsheets into a single canvas

Some more,

  • invoice.new: Create Invoices with Stripe dashboard
  • sell.new: Help people get exactly what they want through eBay.
  • Reservation.new: Make an OpenTable reservation at the best restaurant near you. (Might not work well for all countries)

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