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Wordpress is the best platform for creating a blog website for making money online. this is an important topic that may help to improve search ranking on google. you can follow this step to get high ranking in google search engine. so, follow as given below.

1) Choice Best Niche For Blog
The niche is very important today. Because competition going very high. so, a niche blog is essential to index the blog quickly in search engines. the best niche you can prefer in technology, health, financial, online marketing, investment, etc.

2) Keyword Research
Keyword research is a major part of the ranking keyword on google. Because high ranking keyword is very difficult to rank that keyword in search engine. So, a low ranking keyword may helpful to ranking fast. So, Always go with a low competition keyword.

3) Create a Blog With On-Page SEO
Yes, On-Page SEO is the best factor to index a page and keyword ranking fast. You can install a rank math SEO plugin or Yoast SEO plugin in your dashboard.
somebody says, 2000-3000 word blog may get the benefit for SEO ranking. But, I do not follow this. Because Google relies on user experience like bounce rate, page session, etc. so, create a good post for the reader.

4) Build High Quality and Relevance Backlink
The backlink is important to get the high authority of a new blog website. so a more high-quality backlink and relevance backlink may help to improve ranking and domain authority of a new website blog.

5) Fix Broken Link And Spammy Link
the broken link is harmful to search ranking. so, check the broken link of your website. also, a much spammy link will get decrease the google ranking. so, try to fix the spammy links and broken links.

6) Page Speed
this is the part of the Wordpress page blog to get high ranking. you can check your page speed in page speed insight and gtmetrix. also, that tool can help to fix the page speed manually.

7) Create a Robots.txt file
robots.txt file indicates the google crawl to index and deindexes the webpage in google search engine. so, try to create a robots.txt file for your website.

8) Improve Off-Page SEO
Off-page SEO is needed. you can follow up website design view, font color, link color, header and footer view, etc.

9) Share Your Blog On Social Media
the social media traffic may benefit the website blog to improve ranking quickly in search engines. you can use Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

10) Guest Posting
the guest blogging is much benefit to getting traffic on the website by creating a blog post on another website. so, you can contact the website owner and show them about your important topic. so, attempt to try guest posting in high website traffic with a niche blog.

You can follow this step to improve keyword ranking in google search engine. But, you require patience and update every day new than the top competitors. Because of today google algorithms much reliable on new things. so, if you have new things about a particular topic you can easily rank in google quickly. so, always attempt to write differently.

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