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Jacob Colborn
Jacob Colborn

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My Idea

Having been limited to Zoom and Webex meetings for the last 3 weeks, I have seen some of the issues with collaboration software as it sits now for some tasks. Screen share can be bulky. Application share is limited to a single application. My plan is to utilize a borderless real-time collaboration through the Twilio Video API. I hope to create a platform that will allow for individual applications to be delivered and viewed just likely they were to be used natively.


Still early in the development process (I am going to working on sketches today), I believe the stack will simply be utilizing React with Twilio Serverless services (when in Rome, I suppose). I still need to figure out pricing and ensuring this is economical for a solution, but an initial price estimate should have no problem with running this.


A big question with any real-time communication is security. The first part of the security plan is to utilize the Twilio Authy service to set up 2FA, which will be a requirement for users. The Twilio API already includes encryption for the endpoints, so nothing to worry about there. Past that, I will be working on a list of good to have user options that increase security by default and design considerations that would offer the most secure experience possible.


I will be doing all of the work from

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or opinions on this, or just wish me luck down in the comments. This is my first hackathon, so it will be new to me building with a deadline and goals (good experience to have though). I can't wait to see what everyone else is going to make!

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David Pereira

Hi Jacob 😃, your idea sounds really cool man, especially the security part. I'm also thinking about what app to build for this hackathon, so it's cool seeing other people's experience and journey.

Best of luck to your project 👍