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Workers should always be paid for their work. I believe it to be as simple as that. When you are paid a salary, you are paid for the skills, knowledge, and time you invest in the work. Someone working from New York would have the same working experience as someone living in any other part of the world.


Agreed! I hope there's no bias and racism in any tech companies. We must value camaraderie for every nationalities.


How do you see it considering taxes and cost of living?
It's really weird discussion, salary is a product of market, market is different from country to country...

It is an odd discussion. I was being overly simple with my general statement before. A business has workers to maintain the market presence which they inhabit. By saying that a business can make compromises for workers that operate in a lower rate market they are merely maximizing profit potentials within the business' own market. This portrays a profit-first business mentality.

In short, regardless of the market that the employee occupies the business must have the staff they are employing to be successful within their own market, meaning they should be able to facilitate the expenditure of that market.

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