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All the Hooks Series: Learn about the built-in React Hooks

This series of posts will focus on getting familiar with the different React hooks you'll run across. React hooks are here since React 16.8, so getting familiar and comfortable with them is great for leveling up your React skills.

Note that I will focus on how to use hooks without referencing how things were done with classes. I personally started learning React shortly before hooks were released, and I found them so much simpler and more sensible that most of the tutorials trying to compare to classes just confused me more. So I wanted to start a series showing how to use these hooks without trying to make a comparison to the old way of doing things.

I will be covering the following React hooks, starting with the basics and then deep diving into more advanced topics around each of these hooks:

  • useState
  • useEffect
  • useCallback
  • useContext
  • useReducer
  • useLayoutEffect
  • useRef
  • useMemo

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