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James dengel

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How weight lifting made me better at software projects.

I've been lifting weight for longer than I have been a software engineer, and you wouldn't think that lifting weights would make me a better software engineer but I believe it has.

When I was young, I wanted to bench 100Kg (a good target for bench it's triple digits), I obviously didn't just get a gym membership, jump on a bench and try 100Kg. I would have failed and most likely hurt myself.

First I found out what I could bench, then I made a plan of what I would need to do between then and doing 100Kg on bench. I decided I would train three time a week, using the idea of progressive overload, each time lifting a bit more than the last till I got to 100Kg.

I got to 100Kg.

Projects in software are no different, you might have an amazing project idea, the wrong way is to jump into code and try to do it all.
The better way is to take a step back, plan, break it into chunks that can be achieved with regular consistent work.
I did this from the day I started in software and I can honestly say it's made me better and projects are far more achievable.

Does anyone else have any habits or ways of thinking from sports or hobbies that have carried over to Software Engineering ?

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