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I decided to pay for Hey since I am trying more and more to pay for products I value (for both how they improve my life and how they align with my personal values) and support smaller businesses.

As mentioned many times, I really like what Hey (and Basecamp team) stands for.

I also love how Hey makes me quite enjoy opening my e-mail. That didn't happen in a long time.
There are many features I find amazing - Screener, merging and renaming of threads, Feed.
Saying that I am a bit unsure about some workflows and features - I miss some more granular filtering of mails - there are some mail addresses from which I get mainly unimportant stuff I would like to screen out (or put in Paper Trail), but sometimes I might get really important one.

I guess I will see in a few months if it's just a fun temporal change for me or something for life.

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