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re: It's really a shame but the nearest that came to its the current representation of FairPhone

Well, not really. Fairphone is a great product, but it's not a modular phone, it is just simple to repair (replace broken parts with the same working). It doesn't enable upgrading the phone in any way.
I would say the closest thing is Moto Z with its mods.

Yeah but if your context in having a long term repairable phone it looks like something like that. Moto Z is good with it mods is really something one of the best from the big brand.

For me, Project Ara was about making the phone not only repairable, but also upgradable long term and also more usable in different use-cases by switching modules (eg. adding more battery for a hiking trip).
The last case is partly solved by Moto, the first one is addressed by FairPhone. Sadly, no one seems to have a solution for the upgradeability.

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