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Using NFC technology for business networking

My Final Project

As part of our final year project for an undergrad in Computer Science at the University of Pretoria, my team and I (Vast Expanse) built both a mobile application and a web server (with admin portal) to facilitate the use of NFC technology for business networking. This project was called Smart-NFC-Card-Applications, and used the NFC capabilities of mobile phones as well as a NodeJS backend server to allow people to share business cards and arrange physical meetings at offices, with NFC used to share and gain access into the buildings. All of the documentation and explanation is available on the GitHub repo, given below.

Demo Link

Below are a few links to the relevant websites and YouTube videos, which were our virtual demo for the project (all of these and more can be found on the GitHub repo):
Virtual Demo:
User Testing:
Server Admin Website:
Google Play link:

Link to Code

Head over to our repo to check out our code and documentation:

How it was built

The app was built using React (Android only for now), the website was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and JQuery, and the server was built using NodeJS and PostgreSQL. We struggled with the asynchronous nature of NodeJS at first, but managed to convert some of it to synchronous using await's and this helped a lot. NFC on React was also difficult to get right, but we persevered and got it eventually - which you can see on our Demo video.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

It was such a cool experience to work with a group of dedicated and hardworking guys, all directed towards a common goal - getting good marks!!! But also to produce quality code, and do some real-life user testing too.

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