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Hi Everybody, Im Jarret currently teaching 3rd grade math and science. Also currently spending every waking moment trying to learn how to code so I can stop teaching 3rd grade math and science. The amount of free coding resources is staggering, codeacademy,freecodecamp,codewars(I love the game, and figure it out yourself model..but its not easy for someone with no experience) etc. Anyways doing a little bit of everything excited to join the community! Cheers!


Welcome Jarret! As a largely self taught dev who has been through a career change later in life, I would encourage you to take your desire to move into a software field and be willing to take some bold steps.

Yes there are lots of great resources on the web and in print to give the self-motivated access to lots of good tools to learn, but at some point you will find yourself looking at the career change part of the journey. You can do it sir.

Be willing to dive in somewhere and level up on the job. There are lots of folks who are willing to hire a great learner faster than a person who 'knows it all' already.

Best of luck sir.


Thanks for the encouragement, I know I will be able to find a place, eventually. :)

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