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Black Friday discounts

It's that time of year, time for big sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great time to look for deals. It's a great time to buy someone the gift of education. If you are someone you know is eager to learn, there's some awesome content out there on sale this weekend.

Wes Bos
Wes has all his premium courses for 50% off this week. He has several courses on JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks. These are $69 for the next few days, He even has a counter to when the sale ends.

  • Master Gatsby
  • Beginner Javascript
  • ES6 for Everyone
  • Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL
  • React For Beginners
  • Learn Node
  • Sublime Text Power User

He also has free courses. JavaScript30 is a 30 day challenge of vanilla JavaScript. Mastering Markdown is a good primer for using markdown. I picked up a few tips for it for this blog. He has a Grid and Flexbox lessons as well. I learned a lot from his stuff so check him out.
Wes Bos

Andy Bell
Andy Bell's Learn Eleventy from Scratch is $69, a savings of $145. This is a new permeant price. Andy is try to increase make it easier for people to afford his content. He is working on a CSS course that will debut at the $69 price tag. I haven't taken this course buy I do read his newsletter, Picalil.
Andy Bell

Treehouse had great content. Then they laid off most of their creators. There are reports they are not honoring agreements with the creators.
More recently the CEO laid off the majority of the staff without severance.
I can no longer recommend them.

Plurasight is offering 40% off subscription till nov 30.
Subscriptions are normally $299 reduced to $179 till Monday 11:59 MT. There's tons of content here.

Codecademy you can save 25% off of an annual subscription with the use of code CYBER25.

Save 50% off an annual subscription to Levelup Pro tutorials.

Know of anymore? put them in the comments and I'll add them to the post.

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