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Meet Olli 2.0-Future Of Transportation

“The future is here” said by John B. Rogers ( Jr, co-founder, and CEO of Local Motors) while introducing Olli 2.0. Local Motors is an Arizona-based automotive OEM which developed autonomous shuttle Olli 2.0 predecessor of Olli. Olli 2.0 uses the advanced 3D printing techniques, along with electric, and self-driving module

The Olli 2.0 is designed for local commute, campuses and urban city centers as a smart, safe, sustainable transportation option. As opposed to its predecessor, Olli, Olli 2.0 not only uses 50% less parts but also it’s production time is reduced by 50%.

First, 3D printed, self-driven shuttle

Olli was first introduced in 2016 as an on-demand, self-driving shuttle capable of transporting up to 12 passengers for short traveling which was enabled by additive manufacturing, more specifically, a Big Area Additive Manufacturing(BAAM) 3D printer and an IBM Watson IoT platforms. This vehicle can be 3D printed and assembled in under 10 hours.

Moreover, Olli is equipped with 360-degree LiDAR scanners which can sense it’s surroundings in all the directions. As a result of 3D printing, the vehicle can be customized for different environments and as per needs. Numerous road tests, including Olli on the streets of Berlin in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn, has led to the 3D printed shuttle’s recent deployment at the Sacramento State University.

For more details about the Olli 2.0:-

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