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4 Baby Steps to getting started with metrics

Jason St-Cyr
Dad, Blogger, Speaker, Head of Developer Advocacy @Sitecore , and Stopper of Slapshots. Opinions expressed are my own, of course.
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I find getting started on things is one of the hardest things to do. When I started into looking at metrics, there were a lot of great examples of end results and amazing dashboards, but nobody yet mapping out how to get there. This quick primer gives you a background of my journey to getting started with doing DevRel metrics, and hopefully it can help you!

HELP! I have no metrics!

A few years back, I was added to a growing team at Sitecore that up until then was just a few people trying to do everything. I had never had DevRel as my job role before. Or product marketing. I took charge of our enablement program and started trying to build out some ways of reporting on what we were doing.

Ultimately, I wanted to capture what we did accurately, but make it clear that the investment in our team was worth it.

We had nothing.

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