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Salesforce: Importing Data

Salesforce has so much terminology it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. I am starting a series of short posts to help me learn the definitions.

Data Import Wizard

  • Import up to 50,000 records

Data Loader

  • Import 50,000 to 5 million records
  • Objects not supported by the Data Import Wizard
  • scheduled loading like nightly imports

If you need to load over 5 million records check the AppExchange for a suitable partner product.

  1. Create an export file
  2. Sanitize the data
    • remove duplicates
    • delete unnecessary information
    • correct spelling and other errors
    • enforce naming conventions
  3. Confirm that your data will be mapped into the correct Salesforce fields
  4. Make any required Salesforce configuration changes
    • create new custom fields
    • add new values to picklists
    • temporarily deactivate workflow rules

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