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The Complete NumPy course For Data Science : Hands-on NumPy

Learn first step towards Data Science with all important concept of Numerical Python NumPy in Python For Data Science

It's difficult to describe everything around us with just one number. The world is multidimensional. The data we are consuming, product we use on daily basis, from non living organism to living organism require many feature to fully characterise and quantify it.

So if you want to learn about fastest python based numerical multi dimensional data processing framework, which is the foundation for many data science package like pandas for data analysis, sklearn scikit-learn for machine learning algorithm, you are at right place.

This course introduce with all majority of concept of NumPy - numerical python library.

I will teach from what and why of NumPy to all important concept of N dimension data processing.

This course covers following topics.

  • Why and What NumPy is
  • NumPy installation
  • Creating NumPy array
  • Array indexing and slicing
  • Array manipulation
  • Mathematical & statistical function
  • Linear algebra function
  • How to persist NumPy array

Who this course is for:

  • Any Python Developer who is curious about Data Science

What you'll learn

  • You will learn Numpy - Numerical Python Library

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