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Vex Robotics Competition - 4001A


I was the lead programmer for my high school's Vex Robotics Competition team. We competed with the team number 4001A. We improved throughout our three years in Vex, and this year's competition season was our best yet. We were the winners of the excellence award (the highest honor in a Vex tournament) for the Eastern Pennsylvania region, finalists at the Night at the Museum event (held at the National Air and Space Museum outside Washington, D.C), and we were ranked #16th in the world for our skills score.

Final Project

You can watch a video of our robot in action here:

You can also watch our team compete at the Night at the Museum tournament at the National Air and Space Museum:

How I built it

This project was built using PROS, the open source development platform for Vex V5 microcontrollers. PROS is developed by a volunteer team at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. This project also depends on OkapiLib, a path planning library developed by a team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Thanks to PROS and OkapiLib teams, and everyone else on the Vex Discord server for their help through this year. Congratulations to the Purdue team (BLRS) for winning the university division at the Vex Virtual Worlds tournament.

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