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5 Best Big Data Frameworks You Can Learn in 2021

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Hello guys, if one of your goals is to learn Big data in 2021 but you are not sure where to start and which Big Data framework to learn then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Big Data online courses, and today, I am going to share the 5 best Big Data Frameworks which you can learn in 2021.

Given the ever-increasing abundance of data, Big Data Analysis is a very hot and valuable skill nowadays.

Both Fortune 500 and small companies are looking for competent people who can derive useful insight from their huge pile of data and that's where Big Data Framework like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Flink, Storm, and Hive can help.

Companies like Amazon, eBay, Netflix, NASA JPL, and Yahoo all use Big Data frameworks like Spark to quickly extract meaning from massive data sets across a fault-tolerant Hadoop cluster, and learning those frameworks and techniques can provide you a competitive advantage.

My Favorite Big Data Frameworks for Java Programmers

This is the list of the top 5 Big Data Framework you can learn in 2021. Each of these frameworks provides different functionalities and knowing what they do is very essential for any Big Data Programmer.

1. Apache Hadoop

If you have heard about Big Data then you might have also heard about Hadoop clusters. For many people, Apache Hadoop means Big Data and why not, Apache Hadoop is probably the most popular Big Data Framework out there.

Apache Hadoop is a framework that allows distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models.

It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. It's based upon the popular Map Reduce pattern and is key for developing a reliable, scalable, and distributed software computing application.

If you want to start with Big Data in 2021, I highly recommend you to learn Apache Hadoop and if you need a resource, I recommend you to join The Ultimate Hands-On Hadoopcourse by none other than Frank Kane on Udemy. It's one of the most comprehensive, yet up-to-date course to learn Hadoop online.

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2. Apache Spark

This is another Big Data framework that is quite popular and whose demand is increasing day by day. If you want to breakthrough in Big Data Space, learning Apache Spark in 2021 can be a great start.

Apache Spark is a fast, in-memory data processing engine with elegant and expressive development APIs to allow data workers to efficiently execute streaming, machine learning, or SQL workloads that require fast iterative access to datasets.

You can use Spark for in-memory computing for ETL, machine learning, and data science workloads to Hadoop. If you want to learn Apache Spark in 2021 and need a resource, I highly recommend you to join Apache Spark 2.0 with Java -Learn Spark from a Big Data Guru on Udemy.

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Btw, if you need more options to explore Spark with other programming languages like Scala and Python then Frank Kane's Apache Spark with Scala --- Hands On with Big Data! and Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python --- Hands-On! courses are definitely worth looking at.

3. Apache Hive

Apache Hive is a Big Data Analytics framework that was created by Facebook to combine the scalability of one of the most popular Big Data frameworks.

You can also think of Apache Hive as a data processing tool on Hadoop. It is a querying tool for HDFS and the syntax of its queries is almost similar to our old SQL.

Hive is an open source-software that lets programmers analyze large data sets on Hadoop. It is an engine that turns SQL-requests into chains of MapReduce tasks.

If you are learning Hadoop then it makes sense to learn Hive as well and if you need resources, I highly recommend Hive to ADVANCE Hive (Real-time usage): Hadoop querying tool course by J Garg. It's an advanced course to learn Hive but for a very good one.

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4. Apache Storm

Apache Storm is another Big Data Framework that is worth learning in 2021. This framework is focused on working with a large real-time data flow. The key features of Storm are scalability and quick recovery after downtime.

The Apache Storm is to real-time stream processing what Hadoop is to batch processing.

Using Storm you can build applications that need you to be highly responsive to the latest data and react within seconds and minutes, such as finding the latest trending topics on Twitter, or monitoring spikes in payment gateway failures.

From simple data transformations to applying machine learning algorithms. You can work with this solution with the help of Java, as well as Python, Ruby, and Fancy.

If you want to learn Apache Storm and need a resource, I suggest Learn By Example: Apache Storm course by Loony Corn on Udemy.

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5. Apache Flink

Apache Flink is another robust Big Data processing framework for stream and batch processing that is worth learning in 2021. It is the successor to Hadoop and Spark. It is the next generation Big data engine for Stream processing.

If Hadoop is 2G, Spark is 3G then Apache Flink is the 4G in Big data stream processing frameworks.

Actually, Spark was not a true Stream processing framework, it was just a makeshift to do it but Apache Flink is a TRUE Streaming engine with added capacity to perform Batch, Graph, Table processing, and also to run Machine Learning algorithms.

Demand of Flink in the market is already increasing. Many renowned companies like Capital One (Bank), Alibaba (eCommerce), Uber (Transportation) have already started using Apache Flink to process their Real-time Big data and thousands others are diving into it.

If you want to learn Apache Flink and need a resource, I suggest you start with Apache Flink | A Real-Time & Hands-On course on Flink by J Garg on Udemy. It's a complete, In-depth & HANDS-ON practical course to learn Apache Flink in 2021.

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That's all about the 5 best Big Data Framework You can learn in 2021. These are really powerful and in-demand Big Data frameworks and learning them can improve your skills and boost your Resume and Career.

If you are still hungry for more than another Big Data framework that is worth looking at is Apache Heron, another new and shiny Big Data processing engine. Twitter developed it as a new generation replacement for Storm.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Big Data Frameworks, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P.S. --- If you want to become a full-stack Developer in 2021 and looking for the best Java framework a Fullstack developer should learn then I suggest you join this Go Java Full Stack with Spring Boot and React course by Ranga Karnam on Udemy. It's a great course to become a full-stack Java developer in 2021

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