The 2019 DevOps Developer RoadMap

javinpaul on April 04, 2019

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Great article @javinpaul . Some really good resources here and you did a great job of laying out how deep DevOps tooling goes. I would add that this is only 1/3 of what 'DevOps' IS. Allow me to elaborate.

1/3 Tooling (as you laid out well very well above)
1/3 Culture: removing silos, shift left, leadership buy-in, failure-acceptance culture, and much more
1/3 Automation and decreasing daily toil. With tools comes management, reduce the management to as low as possible. With tools come data, turn that data into actionable information for humans.

Throwing around 'DevOps' as a marketing term for tools and automation does a disservice to the core concept: bringing value to the organization via product ownership; from developer to end-user. No 'walls' that segment teams away from each other. No more 'not my problem' attitudes. No more 'not my job'.

DevOps is more than tools. That's why you do not see many 'Jr. DevOps Engineers'.


That's true and thanks very much for this valuable comment. I know, it's a job which requires a lot of knowledge and experience, both environment, infra, and tools and that's why only experienced developers are migrating but still it's not the easy job and you need to spend quite a time to know what's going on and how to get most of it.


Good article at a practical lever but yes, DevOps is not about the tools. Some people still think, using Jenkins means they are DevOps engineers. DevOps is a group effort and doesn't belong to an individual or role. Since most of the beginners won't understand the term, they have misunderstood this concept. Even some companies prefer tools over people over processes. Hmmm.
But surely, the people who want to start from the beginning will find this article interesting. I think that's what the intention is if I am not mistaken.


Even some companies prefer tools over people over processes.

Some? 😂


Agree, process and people are always more important than tools. Couldn't have put this better than your comment, thanks :-)


If someone is developer and turns into DevOps like me. This is the challenge I think I have faced. Not much familiar with system and setups and logging Which we can gradually improved. I have done it. I am still learning and exploring operation and system related tasks.

Learning tools will also require the knowledge I mentioned above. One thing I found easy for Dev turned DevOps is we are comfortable writing automation script. Though I had never written a single line of bash script before I turned out to be a most easiest job.

In the beginning, I had never understood why DevOps is the process not tools but Gradually everyone will understand the hidden treasure.

When I saw the roadmap, I though why showing same thing that is already there on github but down bellow, you have written nice information. Thanks


Thanks @taragurung. Agree, Dev turning into DevOps needs to be strong on Linux and bash scripting and that's what this DevOps RoadMap also highlights it, but it's more a process than tools. No doubt tools are important but having a mindset on automation helps a lot. Thanks for your comment and adding value.

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