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Agile Testing Principles and Challenges

Agile Testing requires testers and developers to work together. Only during the development cycle can testers provide comments to developers.

The primary Agile Testing Principles are as follows:

  1. Continuous testing is a key component of agile testing. Testing is conducted on a constant basis to ensure that it keeps pace with progress.

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Agile Testing's Difficulties

While agile testing provides several advantages, it also presents numerous challenges:

  1. Changing Requirements: If requirements change or stories are dropped during the sprint, the testing that has already begun must be deleted. It abruptly alters the scope of testing, necessitating the restart of testing for the new tales.

Solution: When a requirement changes, the tester should ensure that they provide as much information as possible with their team. Information such as which test cases have been performed, which portions of the programme have not yet been tested, and so on. It may provide developers with guidance on how to modify the code without impairing its quality.

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