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How to improve your vim/nvim coding experience with vim-easycomplete?


There are many excellent vim auto-completion plugins such as nvim-cmp, vim-lsp, YouCompleteMe and coc.nvim etc. I used coc.nvim for a long time. It’s experience is good. But there are a few things I don’t like. These plugins tend to have too much dependencies and do not have minimal configuration. For example, I don't want to install Node when programming c++ or golang. In my opinion vim is more lightweight than vscode so I don’t need the fully integrated features of it. Besides other completion plugins neither have good experiences enough nor compatible with vim and nvim at the same time. Therefor I created vim-easycomplete according to my personal habits.


Vim-easycomplete is a fast and minimalism style completion plugin for vim/nvim. The goal is to work everywhere out of the box with high-speed performance. It requires pure vim script. You don’t need to configure anything. Especially, You don’t have to install Node and a bunch of Node modules unless you’re a javascript/typescript programmer.

It is easy to install and use. It contains these features:

  • Buffer Keywords/Directory support
  • LSP(language-server-protocol) support
  • TabNine support. (Highly Recommend!)
  • Easy to install LSP Server with one command
  • Written in pure vim script for vim8 and neovim
  • Snippet support with ultisnips.
  • Fast performance

The reason I decided to use pure vim script instead of lua or python is that I want a wider range of compatibility. And I made a lot of async handling with vim script to avoid the block of vim.


Easycomplete requires Vim 8.2 and higher version with MacOS/Linux/FreeBSD. For neovim users, 0.4.4 and higher is required.

For vim-plug:

Plug 'jayli/vim-easycomplete'
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Run :PlugInstall.

For dein.vim

call dein#add('jayli/vim-easycomplete')
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The plugin is out of box and config noghting.


By default it use Tab to trigger the completion suggestions. Alse use Tab and Shift-Tab to select matched items. Use Ctrl-] for definition jumping, Ctrl-t for jumping back (Same as tags jumping). Or you can map :EasyCompleteGotoDefinition by yourself.

If you don't want use Tab to trigger completion suggestions. You can change this setting by:

let g:easycomplete_tab_trigger="<c-space>"
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Use :EasyCompleteNextDiagnostic and :EasyCompletePreviousDiagnostic for diagnostics jumping. The plugin has already map diagnostic jumping to <C-j> and <C-k>. You can change these mapping via:

nnoremap <silent> <C-n> :EasyCompleteNextDiagnostic<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <C-p> :EasyCompletePreviousDiagnostic<CR>
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You only have to set custom diagnostic HOTKEYs manually in case of there was a conflict. By default press <C-j> or <C-k> for diagnostics jumping like this:

  • Set let g:easycomplete_diagnostics_enable = 0 to disable lsp diagnostics.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_lsp_checking = 0 to disable lsp checking for installation.

Checking if LSP server is installed via :EasyCompleteCheck. If current LSP Server is not ready, Use :EasyCompleteInstallServer to install.

Typing ./ or ../ to trigger directory completion suggestion.

Dictionary suggestion support via set dictionary=${Your_Dictionary_File} if you need.

Vim-Easycomplete also support signature popup (Use let g:easycomplete_signature_enable = 0 to disable):

Typing :h easycomplete for help.

All commands:

Command Description
:EasyCompleteInstallServer Install LSP server for current fileytpe
:InstallLspServer Same as EasyCompleteInstallServer
:EasyCompleteDisable Disable EasyComplete
:EasyCompleteEnable Enable EasyComplete
:EasyCompleteGotoDefinition Goto definition position
:EasyCompleteCheck Checking LSP server
:EasyCompletePreviousDiagnostic Goto Previous diagnostic
:EasyCompleteNextDiagnostic Goto Next diagnostic
:EasyCompleteProfileStart Start record diagnostics message
:EasyCompleteProfileStop Stop record diagnostics message
:EasyCompleteLint Do diagnostic
:LintEasyComplete Do diagnostic
:DenoCache Do Deno Cache for downloading modules

Language Support

EasyComplete support keywords/dictionary/directory completion by default.

Semantic Completion for Other Languages

Most Language require LSP Server. Install missing LSP Server with :InstallLspServer for current filetype (recommended). LSP Server will be installed in ~/.config/vim-easycomplete/servers.

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Or you can install a lsp server with specified plugin name (not recommended). Take typescript/javascript for example:

:InstallLspServer ts
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All supported languages:

Plugin Name Languages Language Server Installer Env requirements
directory directory suggestion No Need Integrated None
buf keywords & dictionary No Need Integrated None
snips Snippets Support ultisnips Manually python3
ts JavaScript/TypeScript tsserver Yes node/npm
deno JavaScript/TypeScript deno Yes deno
tn TabNine TabNine Yes None
vim Vim vim-language-server Yes node/npm
cpp C/C++ ccls Yes ruby/brew
css CSS css-languageserver Yes node/npm
html HTML html-languageserver Yes node/npm
yml YAML yaml-language-server Yes node/npm
xml Xml lemminx Yes java/jdk
sh Bash bash-language-server Yes node/npm
json JSON json-languageserver Yes node/npm
php php intelephense Yes node/npm
dart dart analysis-server-dart-snapshot Yes None
py Python pyls Yes python3/pip3
java Java eclipse-jdt-ls Yes java11/jdk
go Go gopls Yes go
r R r-languageserver Yes R
rb Ruby solargraph Yes ruby/bundle
lua Lua emmylua-ls Yes java/jdk
nim Nim nimlsp Yes nim/nimble
rust Rust rust-analyzer Yes None
kt Kotlin kotlin-language-server Yes java/jdk
grvy Groovy groovy-language-server Yes java/jdk
cmake cmake cmake-language-server Yes python3/pip3
cs C# omnisharp-lsp Yes None

More info about semantic completion for each supported language:

Snippet Support

Vim-EasyComplete does not support snippets by default. If you want snippet integration, you will first have to install ultisnips. UltiSnips is compatible with Vim-EasyComplete out of the box. UltiSnips required python3 installed. Install with vim-plug:

Plug 'SirVer/ultisnips'
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Solution of "E319: No python3 provider found" Error in neovim 0.4.4 with ultisnips

TabNine Support

Install TabNine: :InstallLspServer tabnine. Then restart your vim/nvim.

Set let g:easycomplete_tabnine_enable = 0 to disable TabNine. You can config TabNine by g:easycomplete_tabnine_config witch contains two properties:

  • line_limit: The number of lines before and after the cursor to send to TabNine. If the option is smaller, the performance may be improved. (default: 1000)
  • max_num_result: Max results from TabNine. (default: 10)
let g:easycomplete_tabnine_config = {
    \ 'line_limit': 1000,
    \ 'max_num_result' : 10,
    \ }
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By default, an API key is not required to use TabNine in vim-easycomplete. If you have a Tabnine's Pro API key or purchased a subscription license. To configure, you'll need to use the TabNine' magic string. Type Tabnine::config in insert mode to open the configuration panel.

Add custom completion plugin

Take snip as an example (source file) without lsp server.

au User easycomplete_custom_plugin call easycomplete#RegisterSource({
    \ 'name':        'snips',
    \ 'whitelist':   ['*'],
    \ 'completor':   'easycomplete#sources#snips#completor',
    \ 'constructor': 'easycomplete#sources#snips#constructor',
    \  })
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Another example with lsp server support is easier. source file. By the way, you don't have to writing an omnifunc for Vim's omnicomplete.

You can redefine a completion plugin via easycomplete_custom_plugin event with the same name of default lsp plugin. For example. We replace ts plugin's lsp server tsserver by typescript-language-server. Copy this code in your .vimrc:

au User easycomplete_custom_plugin call easycomplete#RegisterSource({
    \ 'name': 'ts',
    \ 'whitelist': ['javascript','typescript','javascript.jsx',
    \               'typescript.tsx', 'javascriptreact', 'typescriptreact'],
    \ 'completor': function('g:Tss_Completor'),
    \ 'constructor': function('g:Tss_Constructor'),
    \ 'gotodefinition': function('g:Tss_GotoDefinition'),
    \ 'command': 'typescript-language-server'
    \  })

function! g:Tss_Constructor(opt, ctx)
  if executable('typescript-language-server')
    call easycomplete#lsp#register_server({
          \ 'name': 'typescript-language-server',
          \ 'cmd': {server_info->['typescript-language-server', '--stdio']},
          \ 'root_uri':{server_info-> "file://". fnamemodify(expand('%'), ':p:h')},
          \ 'initialization_options': {'diagnostics': 'true'},
          \ 'whitelist': ['javascript','typescript','javascript.jsx','typescript.tsx'],
          \ 'workspace_config': {},
          \ 'semantic_highlight': {},
          \ })
    call easycomplete#util#log(printf("'typescript-language-server'".
          \ "is not avilable, Please install: '%s'",
          \ 'npm -g install typescript-language-server'))

function! g:Tss_Completor(opt, ctx) abort
  return easycomplete#DoLspComplete(a:opt, a:ctx)

function! g:Tss_GotoDefinition(...)
  return easycomplete#DoLspDefinition(["js","ts","jsx","tsx"])
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So you should redefine at least three functions completor/constructor/gotodefinition.

Beautify the vim completion menu

There are four build-in popup menu themes in cterm: blue,light,rider and sharp. (let g:easycomplete_scheme="sharp"). Customise vim completion menu via these configurations:

  • Set let g:easycomplete_menuflag_buf = '[B]' for keywords menu flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_kindflag_buf = '' for keywords kind flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_menuflag_dict = '[D]' for dictionary menu flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_kindflag_dict = '' for dictionary kind flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_menuflag_snip = '[S]' for snippets menu flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_kindflag_snip = 's' for snippets kind flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_kindflag_tabnine = '' for TabNine kind flag.
  • Set let g:easycomplete_lsp_type_font = {...} for custom fonts.

Example configuration with

let g:easycomplete_menuflag_buf = ""
let g:easycomplete_kindflag_buf = "⚯"
let g:easycomplete_menuflag_snip = ""
let g:easycomplete_kindflag_snip = "ട"
let g:easycomplete_kindflag_dict = "≡"
let g:easycomplete_menuflag_dict = ""
let g:easycomplete_kindflag_tabnine = ""
let g:easycomplete_lsp_type_font = {
      \ 'text' : '⚯',         'method':'m',    'function': 'f',
      \ 'constructor' : '≡',  'field': 'f',    'default':'d',
      \ 'variable' : '𝘤',     'class':'c',     'interface': 'i',
      \ 'module' : 'm',       'property': 'p', 'unit':'u',
      \ 'value' : '𝘧',        'enum': 'e',     'keyword': 'k',
      \ 'snippet': '𝘧',       'color': 'c',    'file':'f',
      \ 'reference': 'r',     'folder': 'f',   'enummember': 'e',
      \ 'constant':'c',       'struct': 's',   'event':'e',
      \ 'typeparameter': 't', 'var': 'v',      'const': 'c',
      \ 'operator':'o',
      \ 't':'𝘵',   'f':'𝘧',   'c':'𝘤',   'm':'𝘮',   'u':'𝘶',   'e':'𝘦',
      \ 's':'𝘴',   'v':'𝘷',   'i':'𝘪',   'p':'𝘱',   'k':'𝘬',   'r':'𝘳',
      \ 'o':"𝘰",   'l':"𝘭",   'a':"𝘢",   'd':'𝘥',
      \ }
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You can define icon alias via giving fullnames and shortname.



[WIP] If you have bug reports or feature suggestions, please use the issue tracker. In the meantime feel free to read some of my thoughts at,,

More Examples:

Update Deno Cache via :DenoCache

Directory selecting:

Handle backsapce typing

TabNine supporting:

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