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Discussion on: Why Git Alias

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Jason Bazalar • Edited

I like using s for status, o for pull origin, po for push origin and a few other short ones.

However, there was no point in git aliases for me if I didn't alias git as simply g in ~/.bashrc or .~/profile

g s
g bd (branch -d)
g b
g co
g c (commit -m)
g m (merge)

I try to read the letters in my head as the full command so I remember the commands elsewhere.

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camilla Author

That's a nice touch. Didn't thought of that before. Thanks for sharing.

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Vlastimil Pospichal • Edited

In my ~/.bashrc is included:

alias gita='git add'
alias gitb='git branch'
alias gitc='git checkout'
alias gitm='git merge'
alias gitr='git rebase'
alias gits='git status'
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camilla Author

This is nice too. Surely there are lots of ways to do this. Thanks for sharing.