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JSS Question

Quick Question
@Anastasiya With the new features concerning JSS with SXA we are having some discussions internally on which way to go. The only thing for sure is we are not going the traditional Sitecore route of creating components. So would you say JSS is as quick as SXA, slightly slower or the same as developing with traditional Sitecore. The reason I ask is Marketing does not care about how, they simply want it done.
Thanks Jeffrey

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Anastasiya Flynn • Edited on


It sounds like your primary concern is speed of delivery, and for this SXA is the recommended approach. SXA offers the most, out of the box - a wide range of components, a quick way to add new sites and languages, etc. Even if you need to customize, there is a lot that can be done with out of the box features like styles and rendering variants.

JSS with SXA is probably the next in line in terms of implementation speed, as you get the site management automation of SXA, but you still have to add you own components. I specifically used the phrase "add your own components" rather than "build your own components" because the beauty of using front-end frameworks is that millions of other people use them too, so there are many libraries of primitive components that will act as accelerators. And this is why I place JSS ahead of MVC.

I hope this helps.

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