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Jean-Baptiste Escoyez
Jean-Baptiste Escoyez

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Ambitious founder looking for a talented Ruby on Rails developer

👉 This is not the traditional young-start-up-no-budget job offer. 👈

As a developer for the last 12 years, I have been pissed by the poor quality of the job offers I have received from many recruiters.

Today, it is my turn to recruit a talented developer. I decided to change the paradigm by writing a recruitment cover letter instead of a traditional job offer.

Let me know if you like the approach 👍

If you are reading this letter, a word in the title probably caught your attention. If you are considering the position, you might like to know whom you will work with.

I am Jean-Baptiste. I have been passionate about building web businesses for the last 12 years. During this journey, I have learned a lot from Continuous Integration to web marketing, from CSS to business plans, from Database optimization to HR, etc. In other words, I am a jack-of-all-trades (...senior 🙄). I have never decoupled building web applications and growing businesses.

After having been an associate in several ventures, I have started a new business 3 months ago. Flexio is a tool that automates entrepreneurs' paperwork. The platform collects all their accounting documents (sales and purchase invoices), asks them when one of them is missing, and prepare the complete file for their accountant.

Flexio is important to entrepreneurs because accounting is one of the most annoying tasks they have to do. Automating it would allow them to spend more time on things that matter to them (their business, their family, their passions).

The ambition of Flexio is to automate more and more paperwork-related tasks (accounting, payments, insurance) not only for entrepreneurs but for every small and medium business in Europe.

As a solo founder, I am clearly the Chief Everything Officer of Flexio. So far, I have given life to the vision, raised some money (175 000€), and built a first version of the app (with a nice UI 🤩). Today, a few weeks before launch, I am looking for the first collaborator to join the company: a Ruby on Rails full-stack developer who wants to live an exciting entrepreneurial experience.

In this position, you will code the platform with me during the first months. Then, as the product takes off, you will lead the development as I will focus on business development. After we reach a decent cash flow, you will start to grow the technical team (with a leadership role or an expert role depending on your affinities).

The job is perfect for you if you are an experienced developer who knows how to balance feature shipping and code maintainability, who knows the difference between performance pitfalls and premature optimization, who likes to get things done, and who has an optimistic and pragmatic mindset.

You will love your journey at Flexio if you like to take up challenges and solve difficult technical problems in an elegant way; if you addicted to learning new things; if you are excited about the idea of re-inventing your job every six months while building a valuable product and growing a strong team.

Speaking about the team, the core values at Flexio are independencetransparency, and passion. That is why the job is full-remote and open to any EU citizen. To that extent, it requires you to be(come) freelancer. The daily rate is between 350€ and 500€ depending on your experience.

I hope that this offer will get you excited. If you are interested or just want to know more, I'll be happy to chat with you. Just drop me an email at or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Looking forward to meeting you 🚀,


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Martin Vandersteen

Good luck JB! I hope Flexio is going well and wish you the best for the launch ;)