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Discussion on: [Rambling] What does it mean to be a software engineer?

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Jacob David C Cunningham Author

Thanks for the thoughts. I believe that/see that about breaking things down into steps. Helps to make more sense/have concrete things to address.

Master of Computer Engineering

Sounds like a lot of school(years).

I think in some places you legally can't just call yourself an engineer without an actual degree and that's what I mean. "You're legit" with the degree and I don't mean that as education isn't good. Education covers a lot from basics to super-deep complex stuff you probably wouldn't even be aware of. But to me without that piece of paper I'm not legit but sorry don't mean to continue on with that.

I also see that about implementation vs. technology. I'm also getting better at just getting over things(ego?) eg. take some existing thing and implement that/get it over with to achieve the end goal.

discipline and be methodic

I gotta work on that, scatter brain "cowboy coding"

Ahh I'm losing coherence ha. Thanks for your time.