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Juan D. Vega
Juan D. Vega

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Pika project allows you to use npm module direct on the browser

If you are a front-end or fullstack developer who has dealed with the complexity of nowadays bundlers like Webpack or Browserify, you will appreciate this project.

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The near-instant build tool for modern web apps.


What is Snowpack?

Snowpack is a modern, lightweight toolchain for web application development. Traditional dev bundlers like webpack or Parcel need to rebuild & rebundle entire chunks of your application every time you save a single file. This introduces lag between changing a file and seeing those changes reflected in the browser, sometimes as slow as several seconds.

Snowpack solves this problem by serving your application unbundled in development. Any time you change a file, Snowpack never rebuilds more than a single file. There's no bundling to speak of, just a few milliseconds of single-file rebuilding and then an instant update in the browser via HMR. We call this new approach O(1) Build Tooling. You can read more about it in our Snowpack 2.0 Release Post.

When you're ready to deploy your web application to users, you can add back a traditional bundler like Webpack or Parcel. With Snowpack you…

I'm looking forward to starting some pet project to try it out.

What do you think, will be the management of Javascript building tools easier in the next years?

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Antonio Radovcic

This is really useful. I imagine this to be handy when starting a project and being able to quickly use native modules and npm-libs without the hassle of committing node_modules to your repo.

Build-tools already got easier recently. With non-ES-module-browsers fading away, I hope to be able to just not use webpack/parcel/etc. at some point.