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Ah, reinventing the wheel. It's so comforting because you don't have to blaze a new, difficult path. It's already been done, tested, and lessons learned. And I can take credit for being an expert on this topic too. Me too!

Life then gets in the way and I move onto something new. I leave that old blog post up, with outdated instructions that no longer work. Update it, you say? I got no time for that! Take it down? But then I'm no longer an expert!

It's the same in software. Developers take pride in creating new something that has already been done many times before. Isn't that how everyone learns the innerworkings?

It's the same in startups. Does the product really innovate and showcase a completely new way? Nope. So why bother chasing after a competitor?

Too bad we don't inherit and extend more things. Perhaps it's just another representation of our throw-away society.

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