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How to escape Tutorial Hell (Short Post)

Please bear me my english and my grammar might not be good because I'm new to blogging in fact this is my first blog post okay so let's get started.

Have you ever started a project and went completely off like you feel you don't know nothing but you might have watched a lot of tutorials then you are in the Tutorial Hell! Don't worry it's common because every programmers experienced this at least once in their lifetime.

So what is tutorial hell? In simple words tutorial hell is when you started learning programming you started to watch tutorials either from youtube or from a course in udemy you blindly follow the instructor in that video like you do whatever he types and whatever he do on his screen you just simply copy everything what he do and at the end of the day you feel like you've learned something but when you try to do some projects you'll feel like you don't know how to do it so again you watch a tutorial on how to do that and it keeps on going it's like an infinite loop ∞. For example you want to learn how to ride a bicycle if you just watching others riding bicycle you will not learn how to ride it you should practice riding it that's the only way you can learn similarly this applies in programming too you should practice and get your hands dirty.

Do This
Then how can I escape from this I know what you are thinking. I would say that you should not watch tutorials in the beginning tutorials are great way to learn programming you can watch a tutorial and whatever the instructor do in that tutorial you do it along with him at first then you try to do it on your own or just add more features to that you can also do some projects it might be any thing a simple calculator or a simple clock whatever it is you just do it on your own and if you struck at some point you just google it or watch it on that particular part and sometimes you won't find the exact code or tutorial but you can get a similar video or code so you will try to modify it to work on your project and this is the way you will learn programming or coding.

Currently I'm also in the tutorial hell I don't want anyone to struck in this hell like me but now I'm trying to overcome this by doing some own projects.

Remember what you read today to not repeat the same mistakes.

Thank you for reading my post.If you have any doubt feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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