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Jen Chan
Jen Chan

Posted on

Imposter Syndrome in Diagrams

"are you my mentor?"a bird asks a cat

flowchart showing different cycles of working on hobby projects versus working experience

line chart of high and lows

johari window

unhealthy thinking patterns

10000 hour rule

Dunning-Kruger effect

Microsoft Education Success Factors wheel

Top comments (8)

johnpaulada profile image
John Paul Ada

You still need 10,000 hours to achieve mastery, but you only need around 20 hours to be good enough to be a pro :)

jenc profile image
Jen Chan Author

I aspire to be mediocre. The rest will work itself out! ðŸĪŠ

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jenc profile image
Jen Chan Author • Edited on

So maybe this is a sign-- I just got 169 "Proficient" on pluralsight. If I count on and off the hours spent reading/learning/fiddling... If I spend even 20 hours a month learning... 960 hours is a generous estimate for something I started since 2014 and had a million other life/stagnating full time work/health things going on.

briang123 profile image
Brian Gaines

Been coding for 20 years and still feel like I'm barely hanging on. TDLR, I'm doomed. So much tech out there to work with and that changes so frequently, often less than 10K hours before a new framework is introduced and have to adapt to. Better off being a jack of all trades and knowing how things generally work together to sustain mediocrity ;)

Thread Thread
jenc profile image
Jen Chan Author

if I manage to get to mediocre, in about 10 years I'll switch into management (after seeing my ex get carpel tunnel), but I hear that requires being brilliant.

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