Hi, I'm Jennifer Lyn Parsons

I have been coding for 6+ years professionally, 16+ years as a hobbyist. Though I did spend some time with BASIC back in the early 80s so 34 years, depending on your definition.

You can find me on GitHub as jenniferlynparsons

I live in New Jersey (don't look at me like that).

I mostly program in these languages: HTML/CSS, JavaScript (vanilla, JQuery, React)

I am currently learning more about Clojure, OOP, functional programming, Python, back end technologies, and how to be a better version of myself.

Nice to meet you.

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Jennifer Lyn Parsons
coder. writer. comic geek. old crone. tea snob. vegetarian. queer in all the best ways. lunastationquarterly.com | selfcare.tech
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