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Discussion on: How to exceed expectations in your first job ? 👨‍💻👩‍💻🥇

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Jen Miller • Edited

Nice article, I like the idea of honesty you mentioned. In fact, I get concerned if a new developer acts like they know it is sometimes warning sign of some other issue (ie over working or adding too much unnecessary self added pressure). Even as a developer with years of experience, I still say I'm not sure how to do stuff...but I can sure find out if given the time!

Mentorship is interesting. I think it works for some, but not for others. It also means different things to different people. I think if you are going down the path of seeking a mentor, both sides have to be on the same page as to what is expected.

But I totally agree with how a mentorship should grow organically. I'm also a strong believer that the 'best' mentorships offers benefits to both sides. I would add if anyone is looking for a mentor, don't be offended or put off if a senior developer turns down your ask of being a mentor...and beginners shouldn't consider it as a sign they are doing anything wrong.

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sabrinasuarezarrieta Author

I think that those little smarties at one point going to have a really harsh awakening because they expect so much of themself and living like that is hard, nobody can be perfect and know everything all the time, especially in this industry that changes so fast.

And what you mention about the mentorship is soo true, I think that the mentorship has to flow and grow organically between the two people and both of them have to want it, and in my opinion the thing that the mentor gets about the mentorship is those refinements in their communication skill and the chance to consolidate and deepen the knowledge ... I think that maybe because at one point I want to be a teacher I see the mentorship as a great tool (and that tool says that I'm not ready yet hahaha)
Thank you so much for your comment !!