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I am the Geek At Arms of Vets Who Code and a Software Engineer.

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Do you have a standing desk? Which one?

Full disclosure I added a new camera and took away a monitor ...

👨‍💻 Make AutoComplete Input Box In Pure Javascript 🔥🔥


Keeping the shiny away!

How I keep my drive is every once in a while I play with Ruby...

The Importance of Mentors: A Vets Who Code Story

You're the second veteran in the area that has worked with ...

The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

Good Job Tim!

Why should I care about web accessibility?

Another quick win: make sure all text that have links attac...

Setting up a Linux Javascript Dev Environment on Windows

Great article.

What’s overrated?

Project based problems are the best. Give them something sm...

What’s overrated?


Code Bootcamp Tips for Rookies

Hey Chris, I will definitely write one up over the weekend....

Meet The Board: Kyle Shevlin

Thank you for your support!

What does your team do when your communication channels go down?

Seems like Twitter and FB are the go to chat comms.

Some JavaScript Leaders You May Want to Follow on DEV

Cold game homie.

What’s the best JavaScript framework?

Fake News LOL. More like what’s the best JavaScript practic...

Find a Mentor, Better Yet, Find Two

Hi, firstly thanks for thinking of me as an expert, but I’m...

What's your most re-watchable movie?

Captain America : Civil War. Close second is Skyfall.

If you mostly write code for your day-to-day, do you have plans to get promoted out of that situation?

By transitioning to more thought leadership and offering a ...

Will software ever become "blue collar" work?

Hmmm, I really feel like the words blue collar / white coll...

Vets Who Code: What, Where, And How to Help

Node, Express, and Nuxt are all back end technologies in JS...

7 Must Haves for Web Accessible HTML in Your Site ❤️️ [Template]

Great work. While people think that you have to don't have ...

The Emotional State of a Developer, a Question

First thought: Check the MDN. Second THought: Check Stack O...

Finding Vets Who Code

You're one of the troops I am most proud of, cause I have s...

How to Create the Drawing Interaction on DEV's Offline Page

Will be using this for our 404 page, kthanksbye.

How I Made My First CodePen with the #VWC CodePen Team

Great Job Bryant!

New Vets Who Code Curriculum!

Right now I think we are at a great balance of mentors to t...

New Vets Who Code Curriculum!

Oh, it's a complete 180. In our earlier years we played def...

APIs you didn't know you needed

Best. Article. Ever.