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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Jess Lee (she/her) Author

This week, I...enjoyed Pi day off and took care of a lot of personal business.

Such as...

  • Dealing with phone insurance so I finally have a new phone on the way!
  • Calling my health insurance which resulted in a credit plus lower co-pays??
  • Stamping wedding invitations!
  • Booking an optometrist appointment.

Those little things were seriously hanging over my head and now I feel like some weight has been lifted. If your list of 'little things' are piling up, I highly recommend taking some time off to help re-center.

I also tried ClassPass for the first time a few days ago and discovered they offer 'wellness' classes. Instead of working out, I opted for infared sauna and that was amazing!

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Molly Nemerever

love it! class pass keeps me sane :)

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infrared sauna sounds so relaxing and nice in this cold weather!

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Yes that sort of pesky little thingies can be annoying, they're boring but you just gotta do them, sooner or later. And you feel relieved once you do.