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Discussion on: GitHub to replace racially-loaded terms (master, slave, blacklist and whitelist)

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Jesse Houwing

I'm guessing it won't be as horrible as painted. Plus, you don't have to change. It's entirely optional. It's not that there will be a blocklist of bad branch names built into every git command line...

And there are safer ways to do this than just renaming everything. Adding a little automation to make main mirror master, update the builds over time, add hooks to warn users etc.

It will be far less painful as we adopt ways to more easily resolve these problems.

The small frustrations I was alluding to were the small open source projects and personal Repos that can change easily. I was done in less than 2 hours. But maybe some of my forks may need to spend some time too. And maybe some links from blogs and stackoverflow will break. For me, that's ok.

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