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Discussion on: Stop Using YAML

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Jesse Phillips Author

Xml is trivial to parse, and by that I mean someone wrote a lex and parsers so you don't have to.

The majority of my argument was related to the human need to understand the intricacies of the language, but you only focus on the machine aspect in your rebuttal, why?

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Kevin Ard

We play a fine line between person and machine. More often than not, the machines win.

If anything, I played the middle ground - the "humans and machines can get along now" side of things.

Really, though, it's purely objective:

  • the tools that have made yaml ubiquitous are written in Go.
  • Go has struct tags and marshaling.
  • Why marshal to json when you can marshal to yaml with zero effort?
  • such is yaml.

When go dies, yaml will die.

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Arnauld Van Muysewinkel

Not only Go is a friend of YAML. It happens that Python syntax shares several similarities with YAML, and using YAML is very natural to a Python programmer. Go may die, YAML will survive add long as Python does ;-).