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Discussion on: Stop Using YAML

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Jesse Phillips Author

Read the manual, learn the rules and you will be fine.

Isn't that exactly my point. Did you look into my reference to the uncanny valley?

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Giannis Melidis • Edited on

I didn't get that point from your post. Which language have you used without reading the rules first? If you don't, you will make mistakes sooner or later. The fact that you don't like some of these rules, is not a valid reason to go on a conquest for people to stop using it. Personally, human readability is a totally legit reason for some people, even if it doesn't tick any other box. It's the same reason why some languages enforce indentation and some others don't, some use parentheses and colons and some other don't and people choose one or the other. It's called flavor and in my mind, the more flavors the better.

I'll check the reference, thanks!